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( Facts and figures )


Date of establishment: July 2002
Number of Academic Departments: 3
The college runs;
4 - year BSc program..
2- year MSc program ( courses + dissertation)
Number of buildings: 5
Number of workshops: 2
Number of lecture theaters : 27
Number of labs: 27
The college offers the following degrees:
  • Bachelor of science in computer and computer engineering
  • Bachelor of science in electronic engineering
  • Bachelor of science in communication engineering
  • Master of science in communication engineering
  • Master of science in  computer and information  engineering
Number of undergraduate students: 671
Number of postgraduate students: 30
Departments in college:
  • Communication engineering department
  • Electronic engineering department
  • Computer and information engineering department
Activities and accomplishments:
  • The college of electronic engineering is elected by the ministry of higher education and with the support of the Unisco/Iraq to be accredited by ABET and to persue its efforts to obtain institutional Quality Assurance (QA).
  • The quality assurance committee has published the (college - lecturer- student) guides which were later used in other colleges.
  • The college labs are yearly  improved by  acquring  new equipment..
  • Many members of the academics   are studying  for MSc and PhD degrees in recognized universities in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom and more are being sent to get higher degrees every year.
  • The college offers many contiuous education courses  in scientific specializations (CISCO, Computer applications, communications, electronic applications and other educational tutorials for the staff).
  • The college contributes in doing research about the effect of the wireless communication networks that are used in Mosul.
  • The college has done a consultation study for a project on a system that tracks the municipality of Ninevah governorate's vehicles. Recently, the college supervises the execution of the tracking project and has members in the working group of the municipality.
  • Many of the college academic staff members were honored by the ministry of higher education for publishing more than two research papers  in internationaly recognized scientific journals. One of the staff members got the title of the recognized  Professor in the university of Mosul for scientific specialties for the year 2010.

  • Many of the college staff members were sent abroad to attend  conferences, study groups and workshops outside Iraq.
  • The number of college graduates since the college foundation in 2002 has reached 652 BSc  students.
  • The college academic staff members have contributed in scientific research and publishing papers  in international and national scientific journals, as well as contributing in national and international conferences.
  • The college has higher studies in communication engineering and has established higher studies in computer engineering in 2012.
  • The curricula for the three departments have been updated in accordance with the curricula for the most famous universities in the world.
  • The college has established a CISCO academy.
  • The college undertook using fiber optics for connecting the university network.
  • The college has archived the exam questions and published them online in coopration with the computer centre of the university.
  • Al-Khawarizmi Hall has been built recently,  which serves the university for setting up conferneces and symposiums. The same building includes a library for the college that has new books and resources. The virtual college library has also been activated in the college network.
  • Many of the college students have recieved prizes for their valuable contribution in scientific affairs by displaying their projects.
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