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( Communication Engineering Department Labs )

Electrical Lab (first year)


The experiments in this lab have been prepared to be consistent with the theoretical curriculum of the electrical engineering subject (CE 101) and electronic physics subject (CE 102) for the first year students. These are made to provide the students with the necessary skills and to build their engineering sense by using new ways for presentation.

The experiments introduce the students to the measurement tools, DC and AC power supplies. The experiments include experiments related to Kirchhoff’s laws, superposition theorem and its applications, Thevenin’s theorem and its equivalent circuit, maximum power transfer theorem, capacitors in AC circuits and the charging and discharging curves and resonance in RLC circuits.


Electronic and Communication Lab (second year)

Practical experiments that include electronics basics are performed in this lab, for example: experiments on the characteristics and applications of the different types of transistors (BJT, JFET, MOSFET, PP-AMP), BJT transistor amplifying circuits, and experiments related to the basics of communication engineering like the transmission line, modulation circuits (AM and FM) and demodulation circuits.


The student makes these experiments both in hardware and in software:

Software: using Electronic Workbench program.


Hardware: Using KL-200 system which includes two parts: the base unit which contains the power supplies and generators and different measurement tools and another unit containing the electronic circuits with many options.


Logic Lab


In this lab, laboratory experiments have been prepared to conform to the theoretical curriculum of the digital techniques subject (CE 104) and according to the capabilities currently available to build the scientific skills of the student.

The work includes experiments on logical gates, addition, subtraction and comparison circuits, rectification circuits, decoding circuits, display circuits, flip-flop circuits and its applications and other experiments..



Computers and Networks Lab


It includes hardware and software based experiments. Software experiments rely onfamiliarization and use of programs such as:

·         Labview


·         AutoCAD

·         Matlab


·         Opnet Module

The lab is attended by students from various classes.

First year students attend the lab to do experiments related to:
1- Engineering drawing: using AutoCAD program.
2- Programming using C++

Second year students attend the to do experiments on:
1- Programming using Visual Basic.
2- Signals and Systems


Fourth year students attend the lab to do experiments on computer networks using programs like LabView and Opnet module, as well as hardware such as: wireless routers, LAN cards, WLAN cards, switches, routers and cables.


Electronics and Communications Lab

Experiments in this lab include experiments on:

·         digital communications and an introduction to digital modulation types like PSK and FSK
·         fiber optics: characteristics and problems
·         GSM
·         GPS
·         channel modulation
 ·         compression and expansion


DSP and Microprocessors Lab

This lab is one of the fundamental labs in the department. Various experiments are given to the second, third and fourth year students in this lab.

For the second year: experiments on signals and systems using Matlab are done in the lab.

Third year experiments include experiments on digital signal processing using Matlab and experiments on microprocessors using the micro assembler and debugger, and experiments on control using Matlab.

Fourth year experiments include an introduction to the parallel and serial port interfacing using C++ and experiments on the design and implementation of electronic circuits using FPGA.



Electronics and Communications Lab  (third year)


Experiments in this lab include:

1- Operational amplifier.
2- ACTIVE Filter.
3- AM Transmitter.
4- AM Super Heterodyne.
5- PAM.
6- PTM.
7- IC Transducer Temperature.
8- FM Tx.
9- Analysis of AM and FM waves.
10- Oscillators.
11- Class A power Amplifier.
12- PAM-TDM.
13- PTM Signal Demodulation.
15- FM Demodulation with Quadrature Detector.
16- Phase Locked Loop.
17- Class B & AB.
18- ASK.
19- PSK.
20- The Infrared Controller.


Microwave and Antenna Lab

This lab is attended by third the fourth year students. Experiments include:

1- Testing and measurement of the characteristics of the different parts of the microwave devices (Waveguides, directional coupler, Attenuators, Wave guide terminator).
2- Testing and measurement of different antenna types (Gain , Radiation pattern).
3-   Testing and measurement of the phenomena related to electromagnetic wave propagation like reflection and refraction of the waves.

The department has a microwave spectrum analyzer and seeks to provide the lab with an anechoic chamber to make sure the experiments are performed in the recommended environment.



Post-graduate studies Lab

Graduate students use this lab to help them with their research to get the master's degree. It contains a number of modern computers equipped with specialized programs used for the purposes of research. The department seeks to get computers with high specifications and software packages that suit the requirements of research at the stage of Masters and it tries to provide the hardware and requirements necessary for the completion of research.



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