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( Electronic Department Labs )

Electronic Engineering Department contains many laboratories equipped by update instruments and training kits. The students perform different practical experiments for all stages of study that related to given theory

Computers Laboratory

It considered one of the fundamental laboratories in the electronic engineering department, it contains about (30) desk top computers with their other accessories, computers are connected together as one network. This laboratories is concerned with practical applications of programming languages and other available engineering applications for students in the first and second stages as:

Visual Basic
Borland C++

Drawing Laboratory

It is a studying hall for engineering drawing which is one of the most important subjects which is given generally to students in the engineering colleges. In this laboratory, the students learn how to use the engineering tools and how to draw the engineering structures and figures. In Electronics college, this subject is given to students during two terms. In the first semester, the students is learned fixing of graphics papers on boards, and using the engineering tools as (ruler, triangles, protractor, etc..), while, during the second semester, the students learn drawing using computers by exploiting the drawing programming (AutoCAD), and there is an examination for student for the two semesters above.

Research Laboratory

This laboratory interests with applying and implementing the final year projects order to Stimulate them for practical application. This laboratory produces the technical support for lecture's researches in the department. It consists of all the required instruments and tools for obtaining precise and optimum results of scientific researches and projects. It produces the support and control on internet network in Electronic engineering department, science; it is responsible for the safe communication between all department facilities via (switch sniffer program).


Control Laboratory

It considered one of the most important laboratories in electronic engineering department. This lab provides students with instrument and training kits for applying the basics of control engineering and power electronics. This mission is achieved by employing practical experiments for this purpose. This lab contains several applied instruments in the field of analog and digital control engineering, it contains special instruments with programmable logical controllers (PLC) and there is a unit for power and electronic circuits’ applications.

This lab is considered from the fundamental laboratories in the practical field of fourth year students, in addition to exploit it in the field of research and development.

Microprocessor Laboratory

It is considered as one of the main and significant laboratories in Electronic Engineering department. It contains advanced instruments of well known international origins. The laboratory has been consisted of MTC-86C trainers, fast and developed desktop computers, in addition to measurement and graphics instruments are provided which support the work in the laboratory.

The students in the third year use debugger and micro assembler programs, also they exploit the trainer to perform programs for input/output ports and to measure waves and plot them in scopes. All the activities in this laboratory are achieved by means of connecting kit trainers with computers via hyper terminal program.

Electronic and Communication Laboratory

It is considered one of the important engineering and scientific laboratories, especially in the fields of electronics and communication engineering in their two branches analog and digital, since, it contains instruments and modern developed laboratories' requirements of well known international origins as (Feedback and K&H), in addition to signal processing tools such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer with fast processing, high accuracy, and wide bandwidth.

The aim of this laboratory is to connect the practical and theoretical aspects of electronics and communication. It considers one of the fundamental requirements for the third and fourth year students in Electronic Engineering department.


FPGA and Microcontroller Laboratory

The laboratory can be considered one of the newest and significant scientific laboratories. It has been originated for the fourth year in Electronic Engineering department. This laboratory consist of two different types of FPGA and microcontroller trainers from well known international origins, in addition to measurements and graphics instruments and developed computers which support the work in the laboratory.

The experiments in this laboratory are divided into two semesters, in the first one , the students learn how to deal with the programmable logical slices trainers in the field of FPGA for variant experiments and by using VHDL, while, in the second term the laboratory focus on the applications of microcontroller via special available trainers as MTS-51. The experiments include the applications and theories of serial port, parallel port, interrupts, timers, and counters.

Electrical and Logic Laboratory

This is designed and equipped for first and second year student. It contains instruments for testing and measurements, it has variant electric circuit trainers in addition to digital and analog electronic circuit trainers, which has been supplied form well known international origins.

The students in the first year use this laboratory to perform the experiments for studying the fundamental characteristics of different types of electrical circuits for alternative current (A.C) and direct current (D.C), in addition to digital electronics experiments.

The laboratory is exploited for second year students as well. They perform advanced analog and digital electronics experiments. The main purpose of this laboratory is to develop the practical skills of students in achieving and analyzing the experiments of electronics and electrical circuits and obtaining the required measurements with precise results. Finally, all students should write an assignment as a report with full details for each experiment

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