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( Communication Engineering Department )

The communication Engineering department was founded on July 2002 with the establishment of the College of Electronic Engineering. The students have joined this department from the year 2002/2003.

The teaching staff of the department comprises a group of qualified professors and lecturers specialized in various fields of communication engineering and related sciences.

The department aims to qualify its students to be future engineers with the ability to work on various aspects of work, ranging from operation, maintenance, design, and planning of communication fields. The graduates will have skills in:

1.     Designing systems or subsystems to meet specific requirements.
2.     Using modern techniques, tools and modern skills in engineering applications.
3.     Working cooperatively in a team.
4.     Having knowledge about the new communication technologies.
5.      Having the ability to identify, formulate, and deal with engineering dilemmas.

The Department Vision


To be distinct among similar departments by achieving high levels in the fields of theoretical and practical education means and facilities, thereby fulfilling required quality standards in higher education, scientific research, and services to the community.

The Department Mission


1.     Education: To provide specialized educational engineering programs with precise specialization for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also the department aims to offer a recognized educational environment, so the graduate will have a high practical skills as well as sound engineering education. The department also aims to achieve international standards, as required by the ABET essentials.

2.     Research: To offer a high quality research environment that enables the academic staff and the students to carry out their research in the basic and applied communication engineering areas.

3.     Leadership: To provide facilities and environment for the staff and students to develop their leading abilities and their self-education skills, so that to practice capabilities to conclude and discover. Thus future leader in the engineering field are provided to the society.

4.     Serving Community:  To interact and collaborate with the community needs and problems regarding communication systems. This can be achieved by providing well qualified graduates, as well as providing consultation, continuing education opportunities.

Aims of the Department

1.     To develop capabilities of the academic and technical staff working in the department, and motivate the will for development and innovation.
2.     To develop the academic programs and syllabuses so that they follow up continuous developments.
3.     To adopt modern text books and education facilities so that they follow up continuous developments in the world.
4.     To develop the learning capabilities of students by focusing on the new educational trends and references, as well as encouraging innovative and  distinct students.
5.     To realize cooperation between the academic staff and local community through providing continuing education courses, and establishing research and studies to help solve the problems of the local community.

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