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( Vision, mission and goals )


Vision of the college
The electronic engineering college is an ambitious college that is specialized in engineering sciences and aspires to be of high standards on both the national and the international levels. It hopes to be recognized for its superior engineering education and its scientific research and to develop the engineering career by keeping close cooperation with the industry and other engineering institutions.
Mission of the college
Education: Provide specialized educational engineering programs for the undrgraduate and postgraduate studies and to maintain an internationally recognized educational environment so that the graduates have the professional experience and the basic engineering education that enable them to effectively contribute in serving the community and developing engineering.
Research: Provide a reseach-oriented environment where the teaching staff and the students can do reseach in basic, applied and exploratory engineering fields and then publish and apply the new knowlege in a way that is beneficial to the community and the region.
Leadership: Develop the leading potential of the students and the staff and enable them to educate themselves and make predictions and conclusions in order for them to be able to lead in the field in the future.
Community service: Interact with the society and engage in the development of the country's industry and the engineering institutions by providing continuous education and consultation, and researching the industrial problems.
Goals of the college
The college aims to graduate engineers that are specialized in electronic sciences and its applications and give higher education in the different departments of the college and with high standards. 
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